Theatre and Management

Theatre and Management is based in the Paris region of France. It provides on demand management training courses to an international corporate client base. It was set up by Tonya Trappe an economics graduate from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She also studied theatre and drama in France for six years before working as a language and business teacher at major universities and companies in Paris.

A specialist in effective business communication, Tonya has given workshops and organized training sessions for professionals in Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, the Baltic states and Equator as well as in most central and East European countries, including Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Theatre and Management cooperates with major business consultancies, such as The Hay Group as well as global educational institutions and publishers such as Pearson Education. The Shakespeare in Business workshops have been adapted to clients in various sectors, ranging from the language trainers at the Chamber of Commerce Grenoble, France to computer engineers at Compfort Meridian, a major player in the Polish IT market.

Author of ‘Insights into Business’ and the award winning ‘Intelligent Business’ series, developed by Pearson in partnership with The Economist, Tonya Trappe has successfully combined her business training and writing experience with her drama background to create the unique Shakespeare in Business experience for the international business community with varying levels of competency in English.