Tonya is a wonderful presenter. She lights up the stage, but she also really makes you think. You’re in for a treat.

JJ Wilson, award winning Pearson Education author

I was amazed at the quality and high level of the show staged by my team at the end of the training day. We all showed great creativity and the effect of our work exceeded my expectations. It was also interesting to see Shakespeare translated into the modern corporate context. The training generated certain business conclusions that are food for thought for us and that we have already started implementing.

Agata Kaczmarska, Hay Group Consultanting Director

Engaging, humorous, effective and dynamic: these are the words that spring to mind when describing Tonya’s presentation style. She’s a true professional with a deep understanding of what it takes to get her audience involved and motivated. Tonya has been a star guest speaker at several ETAS events in Switzerland over the past few years, and the feedback has always been a rave. I myself have profited immensely in my own work as a result of knowing Tonya!”

Cindy Hauert, ETAS Vice-President, Imaginative Teaching GmbH, Switzerland

The initial fear at the thuoght of having to stage Shakespeare quickly turned into enthusiasm and excellent team work, which was great. It was fun. It was playing with the hidden messages and understanding what it really was about. It was about fitting into new roles, which can be so useful in real life and at work! We were absolutely shocked by a new and unique form of the training. I believe it should be part of any larger development programme as the experience is unforgettable and generates conclusions that are relevant to our professional as well as private life.

Piotr Kolasiński, Compfort Meridian Mainframe Integration Group Team Leader

The concept, realisation as well as the organisation of the training was excellent. It enabled all of us to step out of our roles and take on new ones, which basically made us see things from an entirely new perspective. I appreciate the combination of Shakespearean themes with the current company issues. I believe what we experienced together helped strengthen the team and improve communication among staff from various departments. It was fun, too.

Przemysław Mazurkiewicz, Director of Operations Open Systems, CompFort Meridian

Have had the pleasure of working with Theatre and Management on several projects in Poland organising training days for corporate clients. Customer feedback has been fantastic. The concept is very unique and the formula of Shakespeare in Business encourages people to step into new roles, practise empathy and flexibility, work together and most importantly remember the lessons learnt. The high level of adaptation and tailoring of the product to individual company needs creates an unforgettable and a very relevant experience for all the participants, from company CEOs to PAs. Tonya Trappe and her team are simply amazing.

Magdalena Fijalkowska, Business Image, Poland