Design and Awards

The Shakespeare in Business experience is an unforgettable one. To enhance the value it carried and support participants’ memory as well as to make it a long term experience we provide materials, costumes, posters and awards that go with the training.

Apart from the script of the scenes to perform and general event information we can add posters with the graphic designs tailor made for individual company needs and the cast. The cast consistes of real names of all staff members taking part in the experience. There will be as many posters as teams working on the scenes. The post-event value of the posters is that  when exhibited on the office walls, they bring back the memories of the training and most importantly of the themes, issues and conclusions related to the experience.

To strengthen the dramatic effect we will also provide a set of Shakespearean props such as crowns, gowns, magic wands etc as well as a choice of music clips to incorporate into the scenes. On one level, these will contribute to the fun aspect of the event, and on another will constitute attributes and symbols for concepts such as power, seniority, sensitivity, vanity and so on.

Last but not least, there is an award ceremony at the end. Everyone wins, though in different categories. The training organisers are the judges. The Oscar-like ceremony accompanied with musical effects closes the event.