Customer Needs Analysis

The Shakespeare in Business experience is designed to correspond exactly to the training needs of the client and each training session is tailor made to the participants’ management training requirements as well as level of English language.

The starting point is to choose the themes to be treated, for example, if your company is about to undergo major changes and/or be involved in a corporate acquisition, we create theatre activities and write scenes which explore those themes. Naturally, we base the scenes on famous Shakespearean plays. This adds dramatic and comic tension as well as giving weight to this fun, theatre-based, training. In other words, it may be fun and it may be drama but it is meaningful and thought provoking because after all, it’s Shakespeare! It is surprising how acting out scenes, in this dramatic context, can lead to a better understanding and clarification of complex issues. More importantly, working as a team, in order to give the best performance possible, is one of the most motivating and bonding experiences participants will ever have.

Secondly, we discuss the levels of English of participants in order to get the right balance between facilitating comprehension and providing challenge. If participants have different levels of English, we can write roles to suit each one. If the client wants the experience to improve and enhance English language skills, we can provide vocabulary building activities and language tips. In other words, it may be Shakespeare, it may be intellectually challenging but it is not impossible and everyone in the company can participate on some level.

Finally, we personalize our scripts. We incorporate the client’s company name, mission statement, department titles etc into our Shakespearean plays! The ‘actors’ are also encouraged to add in jokes and improvise around the written text making the experience even more relevant, appealing and funny.