William Shakespeare

Shakespeare in Business Experience is a unique form of training combining the wisdom of the past with contemporary business needs. The four P’s of Shakespeare in Business are as follows.

The Pitch

In the highly competitive world of professional service providers, consultants and in-company trainers are always looking for something particularly innovative and special to attract their clients. The “Shakespeare in Business” Experience is guaranteed to impress today’s top executives with its ground-breaking and entertaining approach.

The Product Past and Present

Richard Oliver, business guru and actor has been using Shakespeare to train today’s business leaders for many years now. In the US, the company ‘ Movers and Shakespeares’ have been teaching American leaders, critical business skills through Shakespeare’s greatest works since 1997. We have developed a unique form of this training, each session is tailor made to suit the individual client’s needs and is designed for both native and non-native speakers of English.

The People

Tonya Trappe the founder and director of Theatre and Management is a co-author of a series of Business English Language Management training books ‘Intelligent Business,’ jointly published by Pearson Longman and The Economist magazine. She also runs, together with her team, a successful drama school in the Paris region of France.

Theatre and Management co-operates with The Hay Group Poland. The Hay Group is a major global consultancy company. Their Polish office organized a one day training session with us, for their own executives from all over Eastern Europe. They liked it so much that they decided to offer the experience to their clients! They made the Shakespeare in Business Experience part of their consultancy package.  We are also co-operating with Business Image Poland, a PR startup.

The Programme

See an entraining, insightful and interactive presentation on the relevance of Shakespeare in the modern corporate world.

Do fun and instructive warm up, team building and trust building activities.

Work on purpose written scripts (with Shakespearean themes) specially commissioned to reflect the issues that each client needs to address.

Perform, in costume. Entertain your colleagues and be entertained by them.

Receive prizes and feedback in an official prize giving ceremony.